All That Glitters

I love glitter.

Anyone who knows me can tell you.

I'm drawn to it. I craft with it. I design with it. I love it in nail polish and lip gloss. I've brought my love for it into the cyber world by virtually "Glitter-Bombing" my social media friends whenever they are deserving of celebration. I'm even on a hunt for it's edible version so I can have it with my about a cup of inspiration!

More importantly, I've passed my love of glitter and all things sparkly onto my daughters:

~Lauryn started working on a blog called Sunshine, Glitter and Dreams. There, she's the Glitter Girl, champion for powerful, sparkly girls everywhere!

~Chloe...Well, let's just say she would bathe in glitter if you let her! And with her sweet, loving disposition and her affinity to skip everywhere, it's fair to say that she has mastered the art of sprinkling shimmery happiness wherever she goes.

~Kourtney...Even my tough girl adores the twinkling dust! Thanks to her, glitter is now a verb in our household. "Mom, can we glitter?" "Is it time to glitter, yet?"

Glitter, like innocence in the palm of your hand.
Glitter, like innocence in the palm of your hand.

As fantastic as glitter is, I've often wondered why an almost 42-year-old woman still gets so starry-eyed at the sight of tubes of twinkly, colorful fun.

Maybe it reminds me of the innocence of childhood dreams--the innocence that was taken from me far too soon.

You see, I don't remember bright pink, shimmery, sparkly, glitter-filled afternoons. I don't remember wildly swirling glue across paper, dumping a colorful mix of magic on top and dropping my jaw in amazement at the masterpiece I had created. I don't remember the feeling of being a 5-year-old girl bursting with excitement and wonder.

I remember fear and terror...loneliness and abandonment...confusion and pain.

My twin girls are almost the same age I was when I was molested. A 5-year-old girl being molested...There is no glittery magic in that.

But the cruel attempt to break me was unsuccessful. Through God's grace, innocence lost was replaced with an undying strength. I think my strength was God's promise to me...His promise to ensure the innocence and protection of my girls. And I would suffer a million times over if it would guarantee them a lifetime of safety, happiness and joy.

Wickedness tried to steal my sparkle. But here's the thing about glitter...No matter how hard you try to clean it up, no matter how much you sweep, rub or try to wipe it away, it's NEVER all gone. Some always remains.

No one can EVER completely steal your sparkle...

Glitter-filled Dreams


2 thoughts on “All That Glitters

  1. Such a beautiful, hopeful response to something horrid. I'm sorry you had to endure that - I never would have known! It makes me think of my own mother, eternally hopeful and a lover of all things beautiful, who suffered things I can hardly know and barely fathom. The older I get and the less naive about the world I become, the more I respect and admire my mother's ability to respond with the same faith and optimism you have described, to overcome the darkness and live a life filled with glittering light!
    Cindi Carver-Futch recently posted...doing math with the heartMy Profile

    1. Post author

      Thank you, Cindi. Your words are so beautiful. I came to place in my life where I realized that anger, bitterness or resentment cannot drive out the darkness, only light can do that. Even in our worse circumstances, there is something good, there is some way out, there is some positive lesson. Things really do come together for good if we allow them. That's not saying it's isn't. But with time, effort, a positive mindset and prayer, our trials can turn to triumph. I still have to remind myself of this.
      How beautiful life would be if we all would just follow the glitter! <3


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